What we Offer to our clients

Motherboards repair

We are repairing PC, notebook and netbook motherboards and also some kind of other electronic boards.

Replacing faulty components

Replacing faulty electronic components like microchips, transistors, electrolytic and ceramic capacitors, resistors, diodes and other radio components.

Enjoy fast work

Enjoy fast and productive work after our repair

Inkjet printer repair

Repair your old printer and print exactly what you need at home.

We can fix all types
of computer malfunctions

Don't waste your time, call us and let us to solve your computer mailfunctions.

Expert Services

Computer running slow? We can assess your computer and perform upgrades that make it run like new (or faster) again.

Great Support

Enjoy the superior performance of your old computer after our support.


Split solution
into parts


Final result
comes out

Useful information

How to save the nature?


I'm saving the nature by repairing more than 1000 computers, monitors, printers, cartridges, and other electronic equipments.


Have you ever wondered how much garbage has accumulated on the ground due to discarded faulty equipment? Repairing faulty equipment we protect nature.


Protect our Earth from electronic garbage by repairing it.


Before you buy a new computer try to repair your old one.

Here you can find the best computer accessory for your laptop, notebook, netbook, monitor, printer, scanner, speaker, hardware and more. Mobile accessoryes.

Personal computers

and accessories

AMD and Intel custom built Computers

Custom Built Computer

up to 32 core computer

Accessories. Here you can find the best computer accessory for your laptop, notebook, netbook.

Notebook repair in Armavir

from 1000 AMD

Inkjet printer repair in Armavir.

Inkjet Printer

from 2000 AMD

Monitor and TV repair in Armavir


from 4000 AMD

DVB T2 repair in Armavir

TV repair in Armavir

from 2000 AMD

Computer Power supply repair in Armavir

PSU repairing

from 3000 AMD

5V 12V 19V 24V power supply repair

PSU Repair and custom build power supply

from 3000 AMD

Motherboard repair in Armavir

Computer and notebook motherboard repair in Armavir

from 4000 AMD

Power Invertor repair in Armavir

welding machine rapair

from 5.000 AMD